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Tips For the Home

1. Looking to get rid of hazardous waste?  Check out the Erie County Department of
Environment and Planning for drop off and disposal instructions

2.  Looking for a recycling center in your area?  Check out

3.  Donate used books to the AAUW. They will even pick them up!

4.  Spring cleaning tips for people assisting elderly relatives cleaning out their clutter:

  • Be patient. You may have to listen to a few stories.
  • Be compassionate.  This is a difficult process for many seniors
  • Be respectful of their possessions.
  • Do not throw or give anything away without permission.  Let them make the
  • Be aware of signs of stress, dehydration, etc. in seniors.  Do not allow them to pick
    up anything too heavy if not physically fit.

5.  Wrap up the school year by sorting through the papers and backpacks now. If you can’
t do it immediately, at the very least rifle through the backpacks and remove any food,
smelly gym clothes, etc.

6.  To maintain a serene and clutter-free bathroom consider multiple towel
racks so everyone’s towels can be hung up.  Built-in open shelving can be used for
storage as well as decorative display. Think about using built-ins
in corners or high on walls.

7.  Make garbage & recycling day your favorite day of the week (or at least one of
Take a sweep through your home the day or night before and toss or recycle as much as
you can - weekly.  You will notice a difference!

8.  Spring means it's time to go through your winter clothing/accessories before you put
them away...
  • Donate items you did not wear because of fit or it is unflattering.
  • Toss or recycle items with stains, holes or tears which are unrepairable.
  • Take items which need dry-cleaning to dry cleaner.
9.  Don't miss National Preparedness Month.  There are simple ways to help your family
be prepared in the event of an emergency.

Sponsored by
The Ready Campaign, The Ad Council and the Citizen Corps - they
recommend you:

    1. Get a kit
    2. Make a plan
    3. Be informed
What's New
Tips for the Office

January is a good time to buy file folders and filing systems.  It's never to early to prepare
for tax time and January is a good time to start.  

2.  Filing products are now both portable and stylish. There are new file tote bags that
resemble nice handbags, like the $58 Audrey expanding five-file tote from Minneapolis-based
retailer russell+hazel. It comes in white or black with gold reinforced corners, gold feet and a
"coated and debossed" exterior.
Tips for your life

Make a "to-do" list at the beginning of each day and review at the end of the day.   
Creating lists will help you Keep It Organized!

2.  Like to make lists? Visit

3.  Need to gather important info? Visit

4.  Need another reason to organize this summer?  
Read recently in In Style Magazine's May 2010 issue:

5.  "The burden of leaving a lot unfinished on your to-do-list--think de-cluttering closets
or paying a stack of bills--can have the same cumulative impact on health as a major life
event like divorce or death, research has shown. This sort of generalized stress can age
you the equivalent of eight years, Dr. Roizen says."

6.  Visit for more health information.

7.  Visit Linda's article in the Buffalo Evening News for Tips for a Stress Free Thanksgiving

8.  Love the November 2011 Real Simple Magazine articles:

Your Holiday-Spending Survival Guide" on pgs. 192-200

9.  Gretchen Fatouros' new book:  "It's all about the memories.  Preserving your precious
memories for future generations"


1.  "Simplify, Simplify, Simplify", Henry David Thoreau

2.  "A short pencil is usually better than a long memory any day.", Chinese Fortune
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