When did you start organizing Professionally?

I had my first paying client September, 1999.
Keep It Organized, LLC Is celebrating it’s 11th anniversary in 2010!

What are your credentials?

CPO (Certified Professional Organizer, Inaugural Class)
NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) Golden Circle Member
MLS – Master of Library Science, SUNY at Buffalo

My complete resume information is
here on LinkedIn

What kind of organizing do you specialize in?

I work with clients in all areas of their homes or in their professional offices.

Who is a Keep It Organized, LLC client?

A Keep It Organized, LLC client is someone who:

  • Has too much to do... and too little time.
  • Has too much stuff...and not enough space.
  • Is overwhelmed taking care of a home, papers or both.
  • May need help temporarily because they need help downsizing to move.
  • May need ongoing support because they are "chronically disorganized" or
  • May not like to organize.
  • May never have learned how to organize.  

Who is the most “successful” Keep It Organized, LLC client?

The most successful Keep It Organized, LLC client is:

  • Ready to embrace change.
  • Able to make decisions.
  • Understands organizing is a process.

How does one get started?

Think about how you would like your home or office to look and feel. How would
you like it to function?  Write it down.

What is causing you the most “pain” now in your home or office? Write it down.
Are you tripping over things on the floor?
Are you incurring late fees and interest because you don’t open your mail and/or
pay bills on time because you can’t find them?

Think about how you are going to meet your organizing goals and dreams. Do
you have a budget? What is your timeline? Write it down.

Decide if you are going to do it yourself or need help from family, friends or

What are my Favorite Organizing Supplies for the Home?

  1. Garbage & Recycling Bins
  2. Plastic Garbage Draw-String Bags (White, Black & Clear)
  3. Paper Garbage Bags
  4. Bankers Boxes
  5. Rectangular or Square Containers
  6. Labeler & ½” Black Letters on White Label Tape
  7. Post it Notes
  8. Water Resistant/Proof & Fire Proof Box, File, or Safe
  9. Shredder
  10. File cabinet/Hanging File Box
  11. Color Hanging Files  
  12. ¾” Clear Hanging File Tabs

What are my Favorites for Organizing Supplies for Paper?

  1. Home Office or Designated Area
  2. Water Resistant/Fire Proof Vital Papers Box, File, or Safe
  3. Calendar (paper or electronic)
  4. Shredder
  5. Recycling Bin or Bags
  6. File cabinet/Hanging File Box
  7. Color Hanging Files  
  8. Hanging File Tabs